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These are people that made this story possible.

Lora Innes - mentor, encourager, the first person to know I was even thinking about doing this... and who told me I had to.
Milo Neuman - best friend, collaborator, and the best wall to bounce ideas off of that I know.
Naziha Zahed - best friend #2, patient, kind, and the brilliant creator of this website.
Bushman - a reader who went way, way, way above the call of duty and took the entire site to the next step. ...and put up with my terrible, uneducated American self.
The First Presbyterian Church of New Orleans and its congregation - the place that literally stepped out of my imagination.
...and, of course, the real Paul Storrie.


Resources I've Used.

Impact Label (c) Michael Tension
Mighty Zeo 2.0 and Pottymouth (c) Nate Piekos
Broken (c) Paolo Cunha Jr.