Special Agent Dean Lancaster and Paul Storrie don't work for the FBI, the CIA, or the Department of Defense. They're a part of a very new branch of the government, the one that's all about finding and registering American citizens who have super-powers. The D.S.R. (Department of Special Relations) exists to control any negative public response to these Special people, and make sure there's no one who will use their powers dangerously or selfishly.

But when they investigate the suspicious suicide of a young woman in New Orleans, the last thing they expect to find is evidence of a Special serial killer, the involvement of local organized crime, or illegal genetic experimentation. And yet, that's exactly what they get.

This is the story of one of the earliest cases in the D.S.R. that also made its history books.

About the author

Meg Syverud (aka "Cheeko") is a professional graphic designer but has a passion to tell as many stories as she can through comics. Otherwise, her head gets overcrowded.
She created the character Wolf when she was 13 years old.