May 22, 2013

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To order Part 4, please email the artist at cheeko.comics (at) with the subject line BLANK - Epilogue Order.

See below for further details.

I actually did it.

I... I'm done. I actually finished a project. For the first time in my life I unironically wrote the words "The End"! I finally freaking did it!

Due to an unusual set of circumstances that I won't go into now (because they are extremely uninteresting), ordering the PDF will work differently this time.

Since there have been very few orders in the past for PDFs, you'll have to send me a payment of .99 via PayPal if you would like to order the final installment of BLANK.
My PayPal address is cheeko.comics (at)
Just include a note somewhere that your payment is for the Final Issue of BLANK and I will immediately reply with an email with the PDF attached.

Please accept my apologies for this - the service that I've used in the past requires a fee that is greater than what I would earn back in sales, so I cannot justify using it again.

It's also worth mentioning that printed copies of the Epilogue will have at least 6 additional pages with bonus material that will not appear online. I'll let you know when they're available from Ka-Blam!

I am also very happy to finally tell you that BLANK will eventually be free to read online. Now that the project is complete, the next stage is to make an online comic out of it that updates one page per week. Print copies will still be available for purchase, but eventually digital downloads will be phased out or transferred to a different service (so get 'em while you can!).

As always, you can always keep an eye on my deviantArt Gallery or my Twitter for updates on the Epilogue. Thanks for sticking with me!

P.S. - You can always email me at cheeko.comics (at) with your thoughts on the issue, or if you just want to say hello.