Daughter of the Lilies

Synopsis: Brent, a brutish, freelancing adventurer, realizes that he’s fallen for his coworker, Thistle: a shy, talented Mage who considers herself a monster, and who is relentlessly pursued by a tyrannical dictator.

Daughter of the Lilies is a comic largely about the importance self-worth, the different forms love can take, and issues relating to anxiety. (There are also unicorns, manticores, ghouls, goblins, cannibalistic elves, and so on.) It is written and illustrated by myself, and colored by Yoko Weaver (from Ch2 Pg11 onwards).

This project is an ongoing, high fantasy webcomic project that I first published on October 31st, 2013. A new page is published every Tuesday & Thursday. It can also be supported on Patreon.

The comic started as a couple of sketches that turned into rough comics. However, they were so well-received by readers that I decided to completely redraw and color them to fit industry standards, and in a format that would be ready for print (if the possibility ever arose). Readership quickly reached and surpassed an estimated 1,000 unique hits per update, not counting regular visitors, by the time it moved over to Hiveworks.


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