I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bachmann at Summit City Comic Con, where he had a table for his comic Our Supermom.

The comic’s premise is what you would expect it to be: Superhero Superstar Paragon retires from her duties to the public to raise her two children. What really sold me, though, is that the author perfectly captured the hectic, frustrating, rewarding, and overwhelming realities of motherhood.

Working with Bachmann was a wonderful experience, and we completed this particular project in a little under a month – which is honestly unheard of when working on an illustration of this size. I consider it a testament to the power of the perfect working relationship between an artist and a writer.


10.25 in x 6.5 in

Client: Scott Bachmann

Materials Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Micron Pens, Sharpie, and Non-Photo Blue Pencils