Gamera Propaganda Poster

This was a commission for a coworker, who wanted a very specific poster for his apartment. It was to feature his favorite Japanese monster star, and was to be  inspired by Chinese Communist Propaganda. The bright colors and simple style of the former were very appealing to me, and I did my best to mimic them in this piece.

The bottom reads Gamera Demands Compliance and features the child stars from each film.*

This poster was eventually given to the child of a friend of the client, who was so enamored with it that he decided to make it the centerpiece of his bedroom. His mother is also in the process of changing the entire room’s decor to match it.


24 x 36 inches

Client: Michael Link

Materials Used: Adobe Photoshop CS3


*I have to apologize to those who can read Kanji (the Chinese script at the bottom) for the butchery of their beautiful language and writing, because I know this is not the most accurate translation.


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