104.9 the River Van Wrap

Of all the design pieces I’ve ever done, this had to be the greatest challenge of them all.

Our company’s vehicle leases were due to expire in a month, so I knew a redesign was coming – but what none of us expected was the dealership to suddenly cancel them in order to rush out the newer 2013 models. And yet, that’s exactly what happened.

A project that we all expected to have 1-2 months to work on suddenly became something that had to be finished in a week – during which a lot of the people whose feedback was needed were out of town. This meant I had five days to create a design that represented the River brand on the road, almost completely on my own, and with limited input. I developed a twitch in my right eye by day three.

At the end of it all, though, everyone loved the new design. Part of me wonders what it would have been if I had more time to work on it, but I think the narrow window we had perhaps made the design stronger.


2013 Honda Odyssey

Car Wrap by Lizard Skinz

Client: 104.9 the River

Materials Used: Adobe Illustrator CS6